Author: Diego Junco, Backend Competence Lead @Mobiquity.

AI neural networks

The creation of AI, Artificial Intelligence, neural networks and the technological breakthroughs in this matter have a profound impact on our lives. It is undeniable that the incorporation of this science into our daily lives is creating an enormous change for us, the participants, that without question is one of the major technological revolutions in our history.

There are several types of neural networks, one of which is the Convolutional Neural Network, CNN, which imitates the neurons from the visual cortex in a biological brain and are key to this revolution. Although the…

Author: Zeynep Betül Arikan, Data Science Intern @Mobiquity.

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are introducing new Machine Learning techniques to solve increasingly complicated problems with higher predictive capacity. However, this predictive power comes with an increasing complexity which can result in difficulties to interpret these models. Despite the fact that these models produce very accurate results, there needs to be an explanation in order to understand and trust the model’s decisions. This is where eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) takes the stage.

XAI is an emerging field that focuses on different techniques to break the black-box nature of Machine Learning…

Anton Makarevich, Technical Architect, and his daughter Vera

Anton Makarevich, Technical Architect at Mobiquity, shares his story on how he built a speed skating app, SharpSkate, for his daughter Vera. As Vera started to compete in speed skating competitions, she was keen to improve her skills and understand how fast she completed each lap of the rink. Anton would time her from the sideline using his stop watch. However, once he himself started to skate he could no longer do this, so he started to look for an app which could fill this need. After trying many different types of activity and skating tracker apps, Anton could not…

Anton Perez, Technical Architect

Anton has successfully progressed and grown his career in Mobiquity within an impressive short amount of time. Starting out as a junior backend engineer he has worked his way up to become a technical architect. Now at 28 years old, he talks about his interest and curiosity for all things technical, and how he continues to expand his knowledge and skills day by day.

Anton Perez: My name is Anton. I’m from Spain and have been working in Mobiquity since I moved to The Netherlands, three and half years ago. My background is in computer science. I enjoy the simple…

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As a society, we are more diverse than ever, we are more informed than ever, we are aware and proud of our individuality. Now, more than ever, consumers seek experiences that reflect their preferences, style and needs. The one size fits all approach just doesn’t work anymore.

In many consumer offerings the shift from one size fits all to personalisation is already the case. Daily, we experience personalised recommendations and insights from the likes of Facebook, Spotify, Google, Netflix and Amazon. Also in healthcare and wellbeing, patients are more and more interested in understanding their own…

Valerio Mulas, Technical Architect

With over 20 years experience in his field. Valerio talks about his fascination for security. He shares with us why his approach of working smarter not harder, is the way forward. Always embracing new challenges, more is never enough, as Valerio continues to grow his knowledge and share this with those around him.

Valerio Mulas: I am originally from Sardinia, an island in Italy. I moved to The Netherlands almost 4 years ago to work for Mobiquity. Before moving I lived and worked in Sardinia and Italy in many different areas, but to sum it up; security, network security and…

Author: Vesa Muhonen, Senior Data Scientist @Mobiquity.

Breaking the Fall

In my free time I dabble a bit in the martial arts. Someone trying to hit you with a sword is a remarkably efficient way to focus your mind away from everything else. One of the basic skills you need is to do proper breakfalls. When you find yourself airborne, and ignoring gravity is not an option, it’s advisable to know what to do upon your rapid reintroduction with the solid floor. Nevertheless, the breakfalls won’t be the point here, but rather the place you train in.

A Tale of Two Rooms

Roughly speaking there are two different…

Oleksandr Loushkin, Senior+ Software Engineer

Having gained a wealth of experience working for many different companies on several interesting projects, Oleksandr found his way to Amsterdam to join Mobiquity. Exposed to all things digital, even at the age of two, Oleksandr was writing his own commands. He continues his passion while striving to create tools that are necessary and serve a real purpose for the business and engineering world.

Oleksandr Loushkin: I am 32 years old and moved from Ukraine to Hilversum, in The Netherlands, with my wife one year ago. I have always liked The Netherlands and had plenty of business trips to Amsterdam…

TL;DR: Type checking with JSDoc is mature enough for production projects. TypeScript with Babel is lightning fast and mature, leaving no tech reason for me to use pure JavaScript.

I always was and still am a TypeScript fan. Good static code checkers can spot lots of errors before compilation and save tons of time. Especially on the most difficult bugs — typos. Recently I’ve encountered articles here and there describing how JSDoc and the ecosystem around it became mature. I built the impression that JS + JSDoc became close to what TypeScript offers. …

Author: Erik-Jan Davids; Editor: Saira Timmerman

In late September Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) hosted their Global AppSec conference in the RAI convention center in Amsterdam. We took the team out and enjoyed two full days of inspiration by a large variety of experts in the community. In this article we will share our key takeaways.

OWASP is a non-profit organization supported by a huge global community whose core purpose is to “be the thriving global community that drives visibility and evolution in the safety and security of the world’s software”. …

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